Nutrigenomix-Sport® & Nutrigenomix-Health® both include 45 genetic markers geared at boosting health/wellness or athletic performance. Let your genes guide your diet for optimal health, body composition and performance. (Sport & Health/Wellness – and new vegan! -Sample Reports below)

#Unleash your Genetic Potencial

Personalized Nutrition: Health & Wellness

Be empowered with comprehensive, reliable genomic information to help you optimize your health, body composition and performance through personalized nutrition. My Nutrigenomix® genetic test  enables me to counsel my clients according to their unique genetic profile. This service includes the saliva sample collection kits, DNA analysis and customized reports based on cutting-edge research and robust scientific evidence.

You’re one simple DNA test away from personalized nutrition recommendations! Click on a brochure below for more information.

Personalized Nutrition: Sport Performance

Personalized Nutrition: Plant-Based (vegan)

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