Strength & Conditioning / Personal Training Services

Available in your residence (condo) gym, your workplace gym or in the privacy of your own home (all equipment provided). Nanci also provides services in a state-of-the-art facility in Toronto — Pure Fitness (939 Eglinton Ave East, in Leaside) 

You will also be provided with a complete program of exercises to do on your own, if you choose to also do workouts without your trainer. These workouts will be tailored to your specific goals & available time. Whether its body fat loss, getting “six-pack” abs, better posture, improving your Golf game or training for the Olympics, there is a program especially for YOU – just bring yourself, and the trainer will take care of the rest.


What are your fitness needs?

  • Athletes looking to improve strength/speed/performance/body comp
  • Looking to lower body fat &/or gain muscle
  • Pregnancy or post-pregnancy – get your body back!
  • Elderly individuals looking to regain strength, balance, endurance
  • Recovering from an injury, need exercise supervision
  • Fitness jump start for a special occasion such as an anniversary, wedding or trip
  • Prevent chronic disease eg. heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cognitive decline
  • To feel healthy, energized & emotionally uplifted

Personal Training.

Personal Training Sessions: In-Home* or other private locations (at your office, club etc).
All equipment will be provided, very little space is needed (e.g. family room, large kitchen, basement or backyard/deck are sufficient)



  • 45 min session 1-2X/week = $55.00 / person
  • 45 min session 3-4X/week = $50.00 / person
  • 60 min session 1-2X/week = $65.00 / person
  • 60 min session 3-4X/week = $60.00 / person


  • 45 min session 1-2X/week = $100.00
  • 45 min session 3-4X/week = $95.00
  • 60 min session 1-2X/week = $125.00
  • 60 min session 3-4X/week = $115.00

Contact Nanci to discuss the strength and conditioning services best suited to you.