Sports Nutrition Services

  • Consulting: Local and international consulting provided to coaches and athletes of all ages and levels, including professional and National-level athletes: Diet plans, nutritional periodization schedule to match training macro/micro-cyles, grocery store tours and development of information resources for coaches, team doctors, support staff and athletes.
  • Nutritional genetic testing – determining particular nutrient/gene interactions that play a role in athlete’s health and performance outcomes
  • Seminars/Presentations: international fitness/dietetic/sport science conferences; to athletes, coaches, and various sport science professionals. Topics include advanced sports nutrition strategies for training and competition, supplements, muscle repair and recovery, fueling, body composition and various sport specific lectures.
  • Research: Currently conducting research with 100+ elite athletes. “Genetic modifiers of caffeine and athletic performance” – University of Toronto. Research services particular to your athlete / team can be conducted.
  • Food / Supplement Development: food industry research and development; developed award-winning Optimum® Post-Exercise Recovery Cereal for Nature’s Path® (sold in 8 countries in 2006)
  • Articles / Educational materials: for your coaching staff, athletes, team physician etc sport nutrition, supplements, nutrigenomics
  • Media Services– TV, radio, webcast, podcast, written interviews for various publications in print and online