We’ve started! Join us for Bootcamp 2019, where outdoor fitness takes over….

Starting at $30 per session drop-in (small group 3-6 people). All fitness levels. 

See results fast by training SMART, not LONG! Outdoor BOOTCAMP runs April – Dec 2019, email for current days/times. I train seniors, I train Olympians. YOU are welcome to join!

Small group personalized training in Toronto’s beautiful Sunnybrook park (Leslie & Eglinton). We have taken the gym outside so you can enjoy the fresh air and green surroundings while you get fit! My fully-equipped ‘Outdoor Gym‘ includes 116 leg-sculpting stairs, 5 sport fields, trails, kettlebells, 25 sets of free weights, medicine balls, BOSU balls, TRX, rubber bands & a creative TRAINER who makes every workout a surprise 🙂


Sweat it up in the fresh air. It’s fun and a welcome change to the gym. All levels and ages welcome. Light intensity for beginners and heavy-duty for seasoned athletes… and everything in between. 60+ min fun-filled strength/cardio sessions. Pay-as-you-go!

Park Bootcamp Pricing : Investment in YOU

  • $120 per person PRIVATE
  • $65 per person PARTNER (2 people)
  • $30-40 per person SMALL GROUP (3-6 people; usually 70 min)

Gather 3 or more teammates, friends or family members and I’ll add a session for you!

  • Mon/Wed/Fri — mornings 930/11AM  (early 7/8AM by request)
  • Tues/Thurs — not currently scheduled
  • Mon/Wed — 530/6PM
  • Sat — 10 /11AM (as well as afternoons by request )
  • Sundays by request, not currently scheduled

Email me nanci@nanciguest.com for this season’s schedule or to request a new time slot.