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My first book FUEL YOUR RIDE as a “Sports Nutrition Expert”.

Self-employed since 1995 (as Power Play: Nutrition, Fitness, Performance) in the health and fitness industry. Nanci is a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer and an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist currently completing her PhD in “Nutritional Science, Genetics and Athletic Performance” at the University of Toronto. Nanci specializes in advanced sports nutrition as an international consultant, and she is currently researching high performance athletes and their unique genetic response to dietary nutrients and supplements based on their genotype (DNA). Her research will also look at associations of performance and body type to sport/muscle function genes in this athletic population. Our new 45 gene Nutrigenomics test (via saliva test – see genetic testing page) was launched in February and…

*NEW* Our Sport-Nutrigenomix® test will be launched in May 2016.  Details to come. Our goal is to help athletes reach their genetic potential by aligning their diet and other performance-enhancement to their DNA. Stay tuned!

What’s New

What’s New

Podcast March 1, 2016


Nutrigenomics and Athletic Performance with Sigma Nutrition



Poster presented at International Society of Sports Nutrition Annual Meeting June 2015, Austin, Texas

Title: Genetic variation related to caffeine metabolism or response during exercise

Outcome: Certain genotypes are associated with higher heart rate during exercise after caffeine ingestion

Nanci Guest_Caffeine and HR_Womack_Poster June 2015_FINAL_To_Print_June 9th


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